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Keeping the Peace with Siblings While Caring for Aging Parents

The relationships we have with our siblings are unlike any other, and typically are the longest lasting relationships we’ll enjoy throughout our lifetime. Though we may have fought like cats and dogs as children, many siblings find that, in adulthood, they’ve formed strong friendships.

Yet regardless of the bond you may have with your siblings today, there are often past hurts that carry over from our younger years, which can become magnified during times of heightened stress; and certainly, caring for aging parents falls into that category.

If you find yourself in the middle of strife with your siblings while trying to work together on making the best decisions for your elderly parents, the aging care experts at Senior HomeCare of Tucson, the top providers of home care Catalina families rely on, can help. Try to keep these strategies in mind the next time a conflict arises.

Play fair. As children, we were ingrained with the need to follow the rules and treat each other with respect at all times. This simple philosophy holds just as true today as adults. While it’s likely that one sibling may end up carrying more of a hands-on care burden than the others for various reasons – living closer to your parents, having more time available, etc. – it is possible to come to a fair division of responsibilities. Siblings living farther away, or with greater time constraints, can provide more financial assistance, for instance, or help with tasks that can be completed remotely, such as paying bills.

Keep lines of communication open. If it feels as though one sibling is making all of the decisions single-handedly and excluding the others, set up a time to discuss it openly rather than simply harboring resentment behind the person’s back. If you feel as though you’re carrying more than your fair share of the care burden, tell your siblings. Even if there’s no particular concern at the moment, it’s a good idea to schedule regular get-togethers with your siblings to talk through what’s working, what might need to be adjusted, and simply to share the many feelings that are common in caring for aging parents.

Maintain a healthy life balance. Let’s face it: it’s not easy providing care for an elderly loved one, even if you and your siblings are dividing tasks fairly and communicating openly. It’s important to be sure to carve out plenty of time for self-care, and to meet the many and varied needs in your own personal life: career, home, spouse, children, friends, etc. The best way to ensure a healthy life balance is by engaging the services of a professional home care provider who specializes in at home care for aging parents, like Senior Home Care of Tucson.

Senior Home Care of Tucson is available with as much or as little assistance as needed to allow family members time away to rest and recharge, while knowing their older loved ones are cared for by highly trained, experienced and compassionate caregivers. Contact us at 520-355-4787 to request a free consultation to get help with Catalina in home care in the surrounding areas. Click here to view our full service area.

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