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Have you been asking yourself, “How do I find the best in-home care services for seniors?” You are thinking about your mom or someone else you love? This type of service is one in which you must feel certain your loved one is receiving the highest care available. When it comes to those we love, only the best will do.

Thankfully, Tucson Local Media and Inside Tucson Business sponsor the Influential Health and Medical Leaders Awards to help the Tucson community know who has been named as the best of the best in the health/medical fields. Tucson Local Media and Inside Tucson Business chose Senior HomeCare of Tucson as one of the very best in-home care options in the category of Outstanding Senior Care for two years running.

The Awards Ceremony

The awards recognize eighteen different health/medical categories and choose three finalists from southern Arizona for each category. Senior HomeCare of Tucson is one of the top three finalist in the Outstanding Senior Care/Hospice category in both 2017 and 2018.

Event emcee, Cheryl Horvath said, The yearly event is truly special because the general public whose lives have been directly impacted are the ones who nominate the companies or individuals in each category. Nominations come from your colleagues, co-workers, patients, family and friends who think you are special enough to deserve this award.”

Senior HomeCare of Tucson- Nominated by an Employee

The nomination for Senior HomeCare of Tucson came anonymously from one the the caregivers who works for the company. Because this nomination came from an employee, it was especially meaningful to owner and founder Tina Gillette. Ms. Gillette cares passionately for her clients and she is keenly aware that the caregivers who work directly with them are the backbone of the company. Ms. Gillette knows that the quality of the care her company provides is directly related to the skill, character and reliability of her team of caregivers.

An employee from Senior HomeCare of Tucson submitted this narrative to nominate them for the Influential Health and Medical Leaders awards for 2018.

Senior HomeCare of Tucson and their staff members go above and beyond the call of duty. They are dedicated to taking care of their clients and also taking care of each other. Let’s face it, home care is hard. It’s hard for the individual as well as the person taking care of them. But the staff at Senior HomeCare of Tucson are trained to aid each individual client in whatever assistance they need. Caretakers treat clients with love and kindness.

Administrators are admired and treat their employees with respect and value the work they put into the company. They believe each staff member is important. Senior HomeCare of Tucson deserves this award because of how far the company has come as a whole The C.E.O has worked hard to make Senior HomeCare of Tucson as successful as it is today. It’s not just about how successful they are, it’s how they treat each individual client. This is an amazing company in many ways. The compassion and care that goes into each client. It’s not just a job, it’s caring for someone’s loved one.

Your Search is Over

Therefore, if you have been looking for the best elder care Tucson has to offer, your search is over. Give award-winning Senior HomeCare of Tucson a call at 520-355-4787. You can also see more about the services they offer seniors here.

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