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Facility Care or Home Care? Determine Which Is Right for You

What could be better than the comfort and familiarity of home? For older adults who have spent a lifetime accumulating memories at home with their loved ones, home represents the safe sanctuary where they can relax and be themselves, remaining in control of the many decisions that come up each day. Yet increased frailty or difficulties from a chronic health condition can lead many families to think that it’s time to look into an assisted living facility or nursing home.

The vast majority of seniors overwhelmingly want to avoid such a move and instead age in place at home, according to AARP’s recent survey. As such, exploring the option of home care is an important component of long-term senior care planning. A good place to begin is by answering the following questions:

  • Will the senior will be safe at home, particularly if living alone?
  • How will transportation be handled when driving is no longer an option for the senior?
  • What if my loved one becomes ill or injured, and no one’s in the home to help?

At Senior HomeCare of Tucson, the caregiver service Sun City families trust, we make it possible for older adults to remain safe and thriving at home throughout aging. Our in-home care experts have compiled the following tips to address the concerns listed above:

  • Evaluate both the interior and exterior of the home, from the point of view of the senior’s safety. Ensure that:
    • Grab bars are secured beside the toilet and tub.
    • Throw rugs and any other tripping hazards are removed.
    • There is sufficient lighting, especially in stairways and hallways.
    • Items that are frequently used are stored within easy reach.
    • Emergency contact numbers are placed in a prominent location in the home.
  • Think through alternate transportation options, so that when the senior no longer drives, he or she is still able to get out and about:
    • Research the availability of public transportation in your loved one’s community.
    • Assemble trusted volunteers for the older person to call for transportation needs.
    • Engage the services of Senior HomeCare of Tucson for safe, accompanied transportation – wherever and whenever a senior wants to go.
  • Purchase a PERS (personal emergency response system) or other technology for the senior, so he or she can call for help immediately in an emergency.

With advance planning and preparation, and the assistance of a trusted in-home care partner, aging in place at home can be a reality. Senior HomeCare of Tucson is on hand to provide as much or as little assistance as needed to enhance safety and independence for seniors in the environment that is most comfortable for them.

Whether the need is for just a few hours of help with housework and meals, or if full-time, around-the-clock care is desired – or anything in between – our home care professionals can help. Contact us at 520-355-4787 any time to request a free in-home assessment to learn more.

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