Coming Home from the Hospital

Coming Home from the Hospital: How to Ensure a Safe Transition

Getting the green light that your older loved one is free to return home after a hospital stay brings such a feeling of relief, but at the same time, can raise a number of questions and concerns. Will there be restrictions in place as the senior recovers? What prescriptions will he or she need to take, and what are the possible side effects? Will the older adult be able to manage everyday life alone, or will someone need to be there to help?

The ultimate goal when coming home from the hospital is for the senior to remain safe and well and avoid an unnecessary re-hospitalization. One of the best ways to reach this goal is by partnering with a professional agency providing in home senior care, such as Senior HomeCare of Tucson, to ensure a comfortable and safe transition from hospital to home.

The medical team at the hospital will provide the necessary discharge paperwork that will outline details on the senior’s diagnosis, treatment, medications, and follow-up recommendations, but will probably not address particular needs that will be encountered at home, which are, of course, crucial to understand. A home care provider has the skill and expertise to help ensure that doctors’ orders are fully followed after discharge, but also that the home environment and activities of daily living are conducive to your loved one’s recovery.

According to each person’s unique needs, below are just a few of the ways recovery at home is maximized with the help of Senior HomeCare of Tucson’s professional in-home caregivers:

  • Safe, accompanied transportation home
  • Prescription pick-up and medication adherence
  • Grocery shopping to ensure plenty of healthy food choices are available
  • Meal planning and preparation, according to any dietary restrictions
  • Help with personal care needs, such as bathing and getting dressed
  • Fall prevention assessments
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Pet care
  • Friendly companionship to brighten recovery days
  • And more

If you have a loved one who is returning home from a hospitalization and you would like to explore how we can help ease the transition when coming home, contact Senior HomeCare of Tucson to learn how a caregiver in Tucson or the nearby areas can help. As the top home care agency in Tucson and the surrounding areas, we’re always here to ensure that the older adults in our community receive the very best level of care, where it’s most comfortable: at home. Call us at 520-355-4787 for more information.

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