Creativity for Seniors

Creativity for Seniors: The Many Benefits of Music and Art

We’re well aware of the value of incorporating the arts into children’s education, but how about when we’re older? Art can play an integral role in learning for a lifetime, and activities to promote creativity for seniors is, in fact, some of the best types of activities to include in your senior care toolbox, with numerous health benefits to be gained.

For many older adults, particularly those who have lost a spouse or who have difficulty leaving the home because of mobility challenges, daily life at home can become monotonous. It’s not uncommon for seniors in these predicaments to feel despondent. Enter the arts! Adding enriching activities into a senior’s day can help with overcoming these feelings. Art offers a therapeutic way for older adults to express themselves and to release stress. And, art and music provide not only a safe emotional outlet, but can also significantly improve a senior’s quality of life, including both physical and mental capabilities.

Consider the following:

  • Drawing and painting can improve mental acuity as well as fine motor skills
  • Seniors with dementia have been shown to display reduced anxiety and apathy following a visit to an art museum
  • Music helps to reduce pain, to better cope with stress, and even to bolster the immune system
  • Music lowers anxiety, agitation, loneliness, and depression
  • Art and music are particularly beneficial for those with cognitive deficiencies, such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Art therapy can help a senior with dementia to restore lost muscle function and coordination
  • Music that a senior enjoyed in previous years can trigger pleasant memories

According to research conducted by CoroHealth Music First, agitation and depression in older adults decreased by as much as 50% when they were regularly exposed to music they enjoyed.

These findings about creativity for seniors didn’t surprise our aging care team. We have seen firsthand the rejuvenating effects of both art and music in the older adults we have the honor of serving.

If you’d like to explore incorporating art and music into the life of a senior you love, contact Senior HomeCare of Tucson, one of the leading providers of Catalina home health care in the surrounding areas. Our caregivers can offer creative suggestions and resources to help make life more enjoyable, and are always on hand to engage seniors in these and other fun activities. Call us any time at 520-355-4787 to learn more about our customized elder care services and to request a free in-home consultation to get started.

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