Brighten a Senior Loved One’s Day with Senior Companion Care in Oro Valley

At Senior HomeCare of Tucson, our care professionals know that aging at home, while it has many benefits, can also create a potentially isolating situation for older adults. With factors such as health complications, limited mobility, or losing family members and friends, it’s easy for seniors to feel alone as they get older. And this isolating feeling can contribute to concerning mental and emotional health issues that make aging at home more difficult to navigate.

We have the perfect solution: senior companion care services.

What Is Senior Companion Care?

Companion care is a home care service that helps older adults get the personal interactions and social engagement they may be missing as they age at home. By building a genuine bond and rapport with the older adult, our caregivers can offer the friendship that keeps older adults feeling connected to other people, even in the home. And these companion care services can be the difference between loneliness and an enriching life.

How Can Companion Care Help?

Senior companion care services may include a variety of activities that keep older adults engaged in their day-to-day routine. Just some of the activities companion care can include for older adults are…

  • Sharing stories
  • Playing their favorite board or card games
  • Accompaniment to their favorite places around town
  • Friendly conversation
  • And more!

These simple activities can make a major difference for older adults. Firstly, the mental stimulation they get from engaging with another person, playing strategic games, or interacting with the community around them is great for maintaining their cognitive ability as they get older.

Companion care is also a great service to help older loved ones who may be facing senior depression. Seeing family and friends less, not working, and not having the mobility to travel around the area as much as they’d like can easily lead to feeling isolated and depressed. But with these services, you can rest assured that the aging adult you love lives a fulfilling life.

Why Choose Senior HomeCare of Tucson for Companion Care?

Senior HomeCare of Tucson is an award-winning home care agency in Oro Valley and the nearby areas that has earned the trust of families in our community. Families know that with us, they are receiving home care services from care professionals that treat older adults like they’re a part of our own family.

We take the time to pair the people we care for with caregivers that have similar interests and personality traits so that it’s easier to build a strong, genuine bond that makes older adults feel more comfortable as they welcome someone new into their home.

Senior HomeCare of Tucson also offers customizable services to make sure that each person we care for has their specific care needs met. And with experienced caregivers that have a reputation for stellar care, you can’t beat the services we provide.

Contact Us Today!

If you’re ready to explore senior companion care in Oro Valley, Oracle, Tucson, Catalina, Marana, or the Northwest Tucson area, contact Senior HomeCare of Tucson today!

Our professional caregivers deliver trusted companion care and other home care services that help older adults live life to the fullest as they age at home. Get in contact with us online or call 520-355-4787 to learn more about our services and to schedule an in-home consultation.

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