About Our Caregiving Services

Are you caring for your elderly spouse by yourself? Or do your aging parents need more assistance than you are able to provide? Possibly you yourself find there are things you just can’t do like you used to. When it comes to caregiving services, our goal at Senior HomeCare of Tucson is to help people live safe, comfortable and fulfilling lives in their own homes. This includes assistance with tasks such as meal preparation, light housekeeping and trips to the doctor. We also consider time spent socializing with our clients vitally important to their emotional health and overall well being. That’s why we engage in companion activities such as playing cards, gardening together or dining out. In an effort to address both the physical and emotional needs of our clients, we offer a broad base of services to include but not limited to the following.

Common Caregiving Services We Provide

Companionship and Transportation

Transportation to and from appointments

Assistance at home after hospital discharge

Gardening, watching TV, crafts or games

Companion trips to a restaurant or shopping

Personal Services

Medication reminders

Personal care and hygiene

Wellness checks

Recuperative care

Client advocacy

Help with Household Tasks

Meal preparation

Light housekeeping 

Laundry and ironing

Grocery shopping

Personalized Care

caregiving services

At 94 years old, Henry loves being the oldest client we have. When we first met Henry he needed help caring for his wife who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Eventually we helped him place her into not one or two, but three different care homes as her needs changed. Even after his wife passed, he remains on as a client and we continue to tailor our services to his needs.

Recuperative Care

Even though it says senior care in our name, we are not limited to only helping the elderly. Whether it’s for recuperative care after surgery or a debilitating disease such as MS, we offer short or long term services to anyone who needs in home care.

Wellness Checks and Safe Hospital Discharge

For everyone’s peace of mind, Senior HomeCare of Tucson offers both wellness checks and a safe hospital discharge program. This includes transportation home and caregiver assistance until you or your loved one is completely stable, safe and acclimated.

End of Life Care

When you care for someone in the last stage of life, often the last thing you want to do is shop for groceries, cook or clean. Chances are, at this point, you are truly fatigued as a caregiver.

Senior HomeCare of Tucson’s skilled caregivers can provide much needed respite care for existing caregivers ranging from just a few hours to 24/7 care. This end of life care often happens in conjunction with hospice.

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