A woman with a career in caregiving smiles as she hugs her elderly client.

5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Caregiving

In-home caregiving is not just a profession; it is a calling that holds the power to transform lives. While the primary focus is on empowering older adults to age in place and enjoy the comforts of their cherished homes, the impact extends beyond the care recipient. In addition to a flexible schedule and competitive pay,

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An older woman who is one of many experiencing anxiety in seniors is comforted by her husband as they gaze out the window together.

Why Anxiety in Seniors Is Increasing – And How You Can Help

Is there an older adult in your life who’s facing challenges with getting a good night’s sleep, finding joy in activities, or connecting with friends and family? Before attributing these issues solely to the natural process of aging, let’s consider another common factor that might be at play: anxiety. Anxiety in seniors may not look

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Seniors and Technology

Technology Tools Increase Senior Independence

In the midst of the pandemic, our caregivers experienced firsthand the crucial pairing of seniors and technology to stay connected to family and friends. Now, as health and wellbeing continue to be our focus in caring for seniors, there are a number of tech tools that are incredibly beneficial for senior independence. We’ve provided details

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Finding Purpose Later in Life

Finding Purpose Later in Life: Seniors and A Sense of Meaning

A sense of purpose is essential to holistic wellbeing for all of us, but it’s particularly important for the seniors in our lives. An individual’s place in society and their responsibilities change as they age. Seniors sometimes struggle with transitioning into retirement or away from being a primary caregiver to children and grandchildren. Health concerns

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Better Senior Sleep

When Counting Sheep Won’t Cut It: Six Tips for Better Senior Sleep

Good sleep habits are a cornerstone of health; however, sleep cycles change as we age. If you or a senior loved one has been struggling with sleep, you aren’t alone. The elderly are more likely to experience disruptions in their circadian rhythm  or “internal clock” that make falling asleep and staying asleep more difficult. The

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Creativity for Seniors

Creativity for Seniors: The Many Benefits of Music and Art

We’re well aware of the value of incorporating the arts into children’s education, but how about when we’re older? Art can play an integral role in learning for a lifetime, and activities to promote creativity for seniors is, in fact, some of the best types of activities to include in your senior care toolbox, with

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Aging Parents

When Sibling Conflict Arises: How to Best Care for Aging Parents

When we were growing up, we learned how to share both our toys and the attention of our parents with our siblings. It’s not surprising that the feelings connected with those memories can remain with us into our adult years. As wonderful and rewarding as it is to have brothers and sisters, there may be

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Distressed Woman Standing Beside Glass Wall

Overcome Caregiver Guilt Once and for All

While many of us are juggling a variety of balls just to get through each day, for caregivers, it may seem more like juggling flaming swords and knives! It’s extremely common for family caregivers to feel overwhelmed, which can lead to feelings of caregiver guilt when things don’t go exactly as we wish they would.

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Post-Holiday Loneliness

How to Alleviate Loneliness After The Holidays

While the holidays are often a joyful time for seniors, once the decorations are packed away and loved ones have returned to their everyday, hectic lives, many older adults are at risk to sink into a time of loneliness after the holidays. Seniors who live alone are most susceptible to experiencing feelings of sadness and

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Stress-Reducing Foods

Add These Stress-Reducing Recipes to Your Holiday Menu

While the holiday season certainly brings with it plenty of joy, it can also add stress, especially for busy family caregivers who already feel as if they’re stretched to the breaking point. The extra responsibilities of baking, shopping, attending family gatherings, and more can make it hard to experience a season that is calm and

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senior couple smiling together

Home Modifications for Aging at Home: Tips from Experts

Aging in place is the ability to stay in your home independently and comfortably, irrespective of your age, income, or ability level. With the increasing life expectancy, education level, work opportunities, and decreasing the poverty rate, more people are aging at home. Residential home modifications to suit the elderly are proliferating. The aging population now

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Senior Men

It’s a Guy Thing: Activities Perfectly Suited for Senior Men

For a number of senior men, who’ve dedicated their lives to working in a meaningful career, providing for family, and staying physically active, the mere thought a relaxing afternoon of crafting or bingo is, to say the least, unappealing. Coming up with engaging activities for older men begins with reviewing their life history to discover

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Flu Vaccine for Seniors

The Flu Vaccine for Seniors: Separate Myth from Fact

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic opened our eyes to the dangers of microscopic, unseen organisms and the havoc they can wreak on all of us. It’s also helped us all to be more vigilant in taking necessary precautions and preventative measures to keep ourselves, and those we love, safe. This includes the flu vaccine for

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Could It Be ALS?

Receiving a diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) can raise a number of concerns and questions – for the person receiving the diagnosis, as well as his or her loved ones. What causes the disease? What symptoms can be expected now, and how will those symptoms change in time? Where do I turn for ALS

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Male Mesothelioma Patients - in home care assistance in Tucson

6 Tips for Male Mesothelioma Patients

Mesothelioma occurs in men 4 times more often than women. Researchers believe men develop mesothelioma more often because occupational asbestos exposure typically happens in male-dominated industries. Contact us today if you’re interested in a professional in-home caregiver in Tucson or nearby area to help with care for someone you love who has mesothelioma. 6 Health Tips for

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Coming Home from the Hospital

Coming Home from the Hospital: How to Ensure a Safe Transition

Getting the green light that your older loved one is free to return home after a hospital stay brings such a feeling of relief, but at the same time, can raise a number of questions and concerns. Will there be restrictions in place as the senior recovers? What prescriptions will he or she need to

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Exercise for Any Age

Find the Perfect Exercise for Any Age!

Exercise is a vital part of life for all of us, even, and particularly, as we grow older. Although it can be a challenge for seniors who are experiencing the impacts of aging, or who spend most of their time in a wheelchair, there are still countless ways to incorporate exercise for any age into

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Elder Abuse

How to Recognize – and Prevent – Elder Abuse

Ensuring that the older adults we’re honored to serve throughout Tucson and the surrounding area are safe, happy, healthy, and independent is our top priority at Senior HomeCare of Tucson, and we know that goal is shared by the many family members who serve as caregivers for their own loved ones. As such, it’s crucial

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Fall Prevention

Make Home Safer for Seniors with These Fall Prevention Tips

While experiencing a fall is dangerous for all of us, for an older adult, a fall can be truly devastating, with serious injuries like hip fractures alarmingly prevalent. In fact, as many as a full 25% of all older adults who experience a fractured hip as a result of falling die within six months of

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Is It Depression or Dementia?

Visiting Mom recently revealed some concerning signs. She’s always been an early riser, but now she stays in bed until nearly noon. Rather than preparing her signature home-cooked meals, she resorts to simply heating up a can of soup; and only eats half of a serving. And perhaps most significantly, she’s lost interest in her

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Eliminate Stress

Eliminate Stress and Enjoy the Holidays!

What comes to mind when you think of the holiday season? While many of us have visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads, for family caregivers, a more accurate depiction may be one of overwhelming stress. In addition to the everyday challenges of providing care for a senior loved one, you now need to

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Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips: Ensure the Holiday Season Is Merry and Bright

The holiday season provides a wonderful opportunity for family members to spend quality time with the seniors they love. And, it’s also the ideal time to make sure that the holidays will be just as safe for your senior loved ones as they are celebratory. Since there are a variety of fall risks and other

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Seniors Staying Social - memory care sun city

The Benefits of Seniors Staying Social

Ask a group of people what it means to be social, and the answers will be as varied as each individual: meeting friends at a restaurant each week for lunch, belonging to a club, taking classes. For seniors who find it difficult to leave home, however, socializing could be reduced to sporadic phone calls and

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Sun City elder care

Senior Care in Oro Valley: Common Nutrition Problems in Older Adults

There’s really nothing better than sitting down with family for a hearty, home-cooked meal. Yet for many older adults, particular health concerns can hinder the enjoyment of meals or even the ability to shop for nutritious foods, which in turn leads to malnutrition. Senior HomeCare of Tucson shares tips to overcome some of the most

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alzheimer's tips - memory care oro valley

Alzheimer’s Tips to Better Manage Difficult Behaviors

Family caregivers know firsthand how fulfilling it can be to help their loved ones experience a higher quality of life. Yet they also know that providing care is not without its challenges, and this is particularly true when a senior loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. And with Alzheimer’s, the varied behaviors can

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caregiver burnout - caregivers tucson

Tips for Avoiding Caregiver Burnout While Caring for an Aging Parent

The rewards of providing care for a senior loved one are incredible. Family caregivers share a bond with their loved ones that’s unlike any other, and this deepened connection, combined with the feeling that comes from knowing you’re making a real and lasting difference in someone’s life, provides a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

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caring for aging parents - elder care tucson - senior helpers tucson

Keeping the Peace with Siblings While Caring for Aging Parents

The relationships we have with our siblings are unlike any other, and typically are the longest lasting relationships we’ll enjoy throughout our lifetime. Though we may have fought like cats and dogs as children, many siblings find that, in adulthood, they’ve formed strong friendships. Yet regardless of the bond you may have with your siblings

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